Keep your car clean during this summer and also avoid water shortage

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If your car picks up slight dust during regular use don’t go for an expensive car wash or wash your car at home using a precious bucket of water. You can now save water for other important things at home. Especially when water scarcity is looming large this summer in many parts of India.

The solution is simple, grab a California Car Duster. It’s been used for more than 28 years and a staple of the classic and exotic car scene for many years in USA. California Car Duster is now available in India and you can buy them at .

Just a light touch wipes the dust away. It’s especially useful on dark-colored cars. The baked-in wax treatment is second to none when it comes to dusting and maintaining your vehicle’s appearance. This easy to use product reduces the number of car washes that your vehicle needs and will not scratch its finish. This product saves a lot of H2O for other important uses at your home.

The California Platinum Car Duster features a wood handle and cotton mop.



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