Apple iPad Pro 12.9: Capable of Changing Definition of Computers?

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Apple has always been experimental with new features, and the users have received amazing devices from this tech giant. Currently, the Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch is giving us the best iPad vibes as it comes with a promise that it can do whatever a computer is capable of. But, is it really possible to experience computer function through an iPad? Let’s find out.


In case you’re looking for a replacement for your laptop or PC, then the tagline of Apple iPad Pro 12.9 will definitely lure you. On the other hand, the charismatic style, high-end power, elegant displays with upgraded performance are all you need. Further, you might get more affordable options among tablets, but this is the best, we think. Here’s what made us reach this decision.


An iPad at the Price of Laptops

But, of course, with laptop functionalities. Apple introduced two models of the Apple iPad Pro in 2020. One is with a 12.9-inch screen, and the other is an 11-inch one. Here, we are reviewing the former one. Apple iPad Pro 12.9 comes with the new XDR Mini LED display, confirmed an expert of iPad Repair Dubai.


However, both the models of iPad Pro 2020 are available with only Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+LTE connections. Coming to the larger model, the storage specifications are 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.


Since Apple has shifted the storage features and upgraded to 128GB minimum from 64GB, the entire series will be available from 128GB. No doubt, you have to pay more as you want more storage space. Additionally, the same occurs when you go for a Wi-Fi+ LTE connection.


Nothing New in the Design

We have no major objection regarding this. Apple hasn’t brought any significant changes in the design of the iPad Pro for the past two years. iPad Pro 2020 is available in two colour options – Space Grey and Silver. If you take a look back at the iPad Pro from 2018, then you’ll find that the dimensions remain the same. It means that you need not invest in special accessories.


However, there’s a great change in the rear camera. The camera module or hump is the new addition to Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch model 2020. The positions of the front camera and TrueDepth Face ID might feel a bit weird for you as it remains the same as the 2018 look.


Users can easily attach the magnetic keyboard case through the three-pin Smart Connector that resides on the rear-low side of the device. Grab a stylus or Apple Pencil of the second generation to leave a mark. The display reminds us of the same screen from the third-generation pros. There’s nothing to object regarding colours, viewing angles, or features like True Tone. The display comes with a refresh rate of 120Hz and it gives you a smooth experience.


The device consists of four speakers and each of them is present at the corners of the iPad. They are perfect for enjoying any movie. But, the iPad Pro 12.9 lacks a headphone jack. That might look kind of as a disadvantage, as professionals might require them for pro-grade jobs. Hopefully, they will come back in later models.


Performs Just Like a Laptop or Better than that

Apple has upgraded the A12X chip from the 2018 iPad Pro series and settled for A12Z when it comes to Apple iPad Pro 2020. And, in return, we have got more powerful performance, optimised graphics, and far better thermal handling. Furthermore, you can now even grab Apple iPad Pro 12.9 with Apple’s M1 processor.


Additionally, Apple iPad Pro 12.9 is faster than Windows 10 laptops. And, we are taking Intel Core i7 and i9 processors into account to compare between Windows laptops and iPad Pro 12.9. iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) is the clear winner when we run different tests. This convertible computing device is a big yes if you don’t want to compromise with laptop functionality.


Indeed, Apple has added an extra GPU core to the Apple iPad Pro 12.9. A system might show its performance vulnerability when it’s throttled by video editing and exporting tasks. iPad Pro 12.9 seems to be absolutely fine with every test and even faster than the previous iPad Pro from 2018. In addition to this, the device is going to last long with a single charging amenity.


What’s New, by the Way?

The LiDAR sensor is taking advantage of Augmented Reality with the help of the main camera of 12MP and a wide-angle camera of 10MP. The LiDAR sensor has made it easy to capture a 3D image or measure the dimensions of the object under the frame. Additionally, if you’re experimenting with Augmented Reality, then iPad Pro 12.9 is going to be your new helping hand, undoubtedly.


Additionally, the rear cameras of the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 are pretty solid. The main camera of 12MP comes with f/1.8, whereas the wide-angle camera supports f/2.4. Moreover, the wide-angle camera supports a view of 125-degree wide. The main rear camera can record video footage at the quality of 4K and a speed up to 60fps.


The front camera has upgraded to a 12MP with an angle-support of 122-degree wide-angle one. It was 7MP on previous models. Meanwhile, the front camera can record videos at 1080p resolution up to 60fps. The camera standards are still not the best for iPhones because you can’t avail the Night mode on your iPad Pro 12.9 2020.


However, shots are extremely detailed and beautiful when exposed to daylight. Outdoor captures and even the selfie images look colour-rich. But, you might have to struggle with the image definition when it comes under low light.


Take a Step Forward with iPadOS 15

iPad Pro is free from restrictions with the advent of the iPadOS 15. You can now freely customise the widget screen and add widgets to your home screen. Welcome to the multitasking world of iPad Pro 12.9, where you can find more OS synchronization. However, is it a real computer?


Many users have claimed Apple iPad Pro 12.9 as a real computer to code or script on it. However, handling tasks related to coding might feel troublesome as you have to tackle countless documents, StackExchange or similar tabs, moreover, a relevant IDE. The display of iPad Pro 12.9 might not be the exact size that you’re looking for.


On the other hand, iPadOS still doesn’t offer the compatibility to work on an external display. You can mirror the display of your iPad by simply using the USB-C port, but you cannot extend it. It’s good for showcasing your presentation and not extending your work interface. Still, some popular applications are not compatible with iPadOS versions. So, if the operating system doesn’t contribute to the hardware and overall improvements, they are of no use.


It’s Still the Best Tablet….

Not at all a functional laptop, we guess. However, we do not deny that it’s a marvellous device. But, Apple has to work on its operating system and associated responsibilities. Furthermore, it’s not only for converting the OS into software that can support mouse or trackpad functionalities.


Apple has to take some courageous steps to make the reality reach expectations. Otherwise, Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) is the best tablet, and we can expect the operating system to evolve more in the upcoming years.






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